Web-based digital platform

An ambitious project is about to be launched by WFIP(P) , supported by the technical expertise and resources of the web company, INNUO, based in Barcelona.

The project has already begun, with the distribution of the online questionnaire released a few days ago and which will end by 20th March, 2020. The data collected from this questionnaire will be used to set up a web-based platform, catering to the need for up-to-date information on all aspects of incontinence, including clinical practices, patient-centred activities, best practices etc.

It is a two-year project funded in the first instance by Medtronic with the co-operation of the global web company INNUO as outlined above. The first year will be used to set up the website (7 languages) and the second year will be for dissemination of the web-based ‘tool’.

At WFIP(P) we are extremely enthusiastic and optimistic about the project. Please see below the introductory power point about the project.

Your urgent participation is required. Please disseminate the questionnaire to all your members, patients and interested parties.

The time line is short and we urgently need your responses.

Please see below all the links for the seven languages.

Please note the questionnaire is entirely anonymous and all responses will be anonymized

Thank you for your cooperation.

This project is very much in the interest of all patients,carers, hcp, et patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, physical therapists,continence nurses, researchers, etc.

The questionnaire:

Download the introductory powerpoint here: