Let’s participate in World Continence Awareness Week 2020

WCW 2020 From 16th to 22nd November 2020

World Continence Week Toolkit

The WFIPP is pleased to announce that the NEW World Continence Week (WCW) toolkit for 2020 is now available online! Included in this toolkit are WCW posters and logo’s! All created to help you promote World Continence Week 2020 in your national area.

World Continence Week (WCW) is an annual initiative devised and managed by WFIPP, with the approval of the International Continence Society. It is a global initiative intended to raise awareness of bladder weakness, pelvic pain and other debilitating conditions which impact greatly on the lives of patients and carers.

For 2020 the WFIPP has selected 4 themes that are reflected in the poignant images to accompany the toolkit.

Clearly, the objective is to raise global awareness of such conditions and help remove stigmas and taboos via events, publications, press releases and the like. This with a view to providing a reliable and easily accessible forum for those seeking information.
Also to promote a multidisciplinary approach to treatments as well as issues such as access and reimbursement.

WFIPP trusts you will use the toolkit to the full and asks you/your organization in turn to hold as many events as possible to promote WCW 2020. The range of events is enormous: training courses for healthcare professionals and patients, pelvic floor exercise events at shopping malls, WCW 2020 market stalls, individual testimonies and so much more. Anything goes!

After all, bladder weakness alone affects 1 in 3 people and is more common than hay fever.
So the message is simple: let’s get out there and ‘do something’ to ensure the success of WCW 2020.

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