Official reintegration of the Operating Grants instrument within the EU4Health Work Programme

On 14 January the European Commission adopted its 2022 EU4Health Work Programme. EPF is particularly happy to share that this document marks the official reintegration of the Operating Grants instrument for health NGOs – an essential tool that will prove to be fundamental in building a stronger European Health Union.

In the Work Programme, the European Commission recognizes the major role health NGOs play, “In the field of health, and especially public health, they provide services directly to patients and individuals”.

“NGOs are also essential in bridging the gap between institutions and patients and facilitating communication at national and Union level. […] The Commission considers it important that there is continuity in the work carried out by the health NGOs in addressing current health challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, and it intends to award operating grants under this work programme to eligible NGOs”.