Who do you see that cares about your bladder health?

In this post, we’re taking a deeper look at the different specialists who treat bladder and bowel health conditions. While you may think that your general practitioner is the best choice, there is a whole slew of specialists that are specifically trained in treating your urological and pelvic floor health. And while your GP is often a good first step, it may be wise to seek out someone who specializes in these areas for your long-term treatment.

You may be asking yourself: What are the types of doctors I can see for bladder leaks?  This is a great question, and it really depends on so many things. Keep reading for tips on how to find the right specialist for your bladder or bowel health condition.


First thing first, let’s start with your Primary Doctor or your GP. This is often the person you’ll see first and is a great step. Your GP is your home base, someone you go to for initial consultations, and who you’ve likely seen many times before for checkups and other health concerns.  This makes them a great first step when determining the causes of bladder and bowel leakage.

You hopefully also have a good relationship with them, which can ease some of the discomforts of talking about things like a leaky bladder or pelvic floor pain.  Because your GP knows you and your health so well, they will likely be helpful in diagnosing what is causing those pesky bladder or bowel leaks, as there may be other underlying conditions he or she is also treating you for that are contributing.

However, even if that is the case, your GP may not always be the right person for this job in the long run. Here are some reasons why:

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Incontinence Education And Support for Patients, Caregivers, And Professionals

Incontinence, the involuntary loss of urine or fecal matter, is not a condition that anyone should have to “just live with.” It’s not something you need to accept as you get older, or an inevitable consequence of childbirth or surgery. Incontinence is a treatable medical condition, whether you have occasional light wetness, heavier bladder leakage, bedwetting, or bowel issues. No matter what type or degree of incontinence you might be experiencing, help is available. This is the place you should be.

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