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A targeted and effective treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions starts with an accurate diagnosis (EMG / ElectroMyoGraphy).
With MAPLe one can really make the difference for the patient and take the diagnosis and treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions in the hospital and pelvic floor physiotherapy practice to a higher level.

MAPLe is developed for better understanding of the pelvic floor! Through the accurate diagnosis, it is possible to make a specific treatment plan.

MAPLe provides targeted biofeedback of individual muscles on different sides and depths in the pelvic floor.
The device can also give local electrostimulation (EMS / ElectroMyoStimulation). This allows to provide precise and targeted stimulation.
The MAPLe probe is single patient/multiple use by pelvic physiotherapists, urologists, incontinence nurses and gynecologists.

  • High Definition 24-point measurements for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Scientifically proven and substantiated by studies in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Germany.
  • Easy to operate for diagnosis, biofeedback and electrostimulation.
  • Actively used by more than 75% of all pelvic physiotherapists and recommended by Dutch MOH.

MAPLe is developed in 2015 in close collaboration with the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.
The product is used as a permanent module in several renowned medical training institutes and
 supported by Dutch branch organizations and Key Opinion Leaders.

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