March 2, 2024
Better Bladder & Bowel Health

Is Bladder Cancer Hereditary?

If you have a family member that has had bladder cancer, you may be wondering if it’s something that you’re at risk for developing it as well. Some people are more prone to getting bladder cancer, and that may be due to a combination of genetics, family history, and various risk factors. In this blog post, we’ll explore the facts surrounding the influence of genetics and family history, and discuss other significant risk factors associated with bladder cancer.

What is bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer occurs when abnormal cells in the bladder multiply and form a tumor. According to the American Cancer Society, it’s estimated that about 82,000 new cases of bladder cancer are found each year.1 It’s much more common in men than in women; men have a 1 in 28 chance of developing bladder cancer during their lifetime, compared to about a 1 in 91 chance in women.

While exposure to certain chemicals and smoking are well-known risk factors, it’s essential to understand the broader picture. Many things, including our genetic history, may lead to bladder cancer.

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