Today, the World Federation of Incontinence and Pelvic Problems (WFIPP) released a statement of partnership and collaboration with award-winning MUVON Therapeutics AG exponentially enhancing global awareness and knowledge on novel experimental breakthrough treatment options for stress-urinary incontinence though an educational program.

Mary Lynne van Poelgeest-Pomfret, the President of WFIPP and Deana Mohr, CEO of MUVON Therapeutics share a unified vision to create a world where women living with stress urinary incontinence can enjoy a high quality of life, lead an active role in society and gain access to modern, minimally-invasive regenerative treatments that are in development, as and where appropriate.

They noted that stress incontinence is a common condition affecting more than 200 million women worldwide. Some women may struggle with current surgical therapies, which can provide symptomatic relief, but may also have varying limitations, side effects and success rates.

Importantly, with MUVON`s personalized medicine approach, the underlying cause is addressed by regenerating existing bladder sphincter muscle tissue to regain its function. MUVON is seeking to provide a novel treatment option as an alternative.

MUVON Therapeutics’ team is currently advancing its Phase II efficacy study after a successful Phase I study harnessing a proprietary breakthrough platform.

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