Webinar Prostate Cancer UK – Boys need Bins

WEDNESDAY 21st JUNE 2023 – 15.30 – 16.30 hrs (CET)

The Boys need Bins campaign in the UK calls for every public toilet and business across the UK to put incontinence bins in their male toilets, so men can dispose of incontinence pads, stoma products and other hygiene waste items easily, safely and with dignity.

At this webinar you will hear from a range of speakers to share insights into what it means to be incontinent, how that impacts daily life to learning about the impact that supporters can make in campaigning for national and legislative change through the Boys need Bins Campaign.


  • 15.30-15.50: Jeff Thomson and Jonathon Hall, supporters of Prostate Cancer UK, share their experiences and challenges of being incontinent
  • 15.50-16.05: Lubna Latif Curtis, Health Influencing Senior Officer Prostate Cancer UK, shares insights into the Boys need Bins campaign in UK
  • 16.05-16.20: Lisa Cleminson and Michelle Roles, Department for Transport Wales, share insights into recent male sanitary bin provision at train stations in Wales
  • 16.20-16.30: Q&A


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