Webinar MUVON Therapeutics AG


TUESDAY 20th JUNE 2023 – 14.30- 15.30 hrs (CET)

MUVON Therapeutics AG


  • Steve Kappenthuler, PhD, Chief Business Officer
  • Deana Mohr, PhD – CEO & Co-Founder
  • John Coelho, Medical Affairs

Muvon Therapeutics have developed a highly innovative tissue engineered therapy for stress urinary incontinence offering patients a minimally invasive, low-risk procedure (according to phase I data) in an outpatient setting. Potentially this procedure could prove a life changer and be long-lasting. The results still need to be corroborated in further clinical trials. So many patients suffer in silence and accept their condition as part of the ageing process. Although incontinence is a common condition, it is certainly not normal and nowadays many treatment options are available, however none of them offering functional regeneration. MUVON’s goal is to offer a safe and effective treatment for stress urinary incontinence in women who are unsatisfied with conservative measures and are searching for treatments other than for example annual bulking agent injections or invasive surgeries. By regenerating the muscle tissue, the therapy which is based on the use of the patients’ own cells is tackling the underlying cause, namely the damaged urinary sphincter muscle. It does not involve the implantation of synthetic materials, is minimally invasive and does not require hospitalization or cause any known safety concerns. MUVON Therapeutics’ multidisciplinary and visionary team is determined and highly motivated to provide this therapy for patients, focusing on patient needs and obtaining robust feedback during the therapy development stage.


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