Webinar Amara Therapeutics – BladderBoss


TUESDAY 20th JUNE 2023 – 15.30- 16.30 hrs (CET)


  • Brendan Staunton
  • Emma Carr

BladderBoss – An App-Delivered Behavioural Program for Overactive Bladder

Amara Therapeutics have developed a digital app-based program, BladderBoss, that helps women better manage their bladder health, with a focus on reducing the impact of overactive bladder or OAB. BladderBoss is an 8-week digital program helping women take back control of their bladder health, using science-backed methods such as Behavioural Therapy (BT) techniques and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, alongside bladder retraining and pelvic health Pilates. The guided step-by-step program empowers women to take control of their bladder health at their own weekly pace through interactive video and audios. The program educates the users on the condition and sets them a series of tasks and challenges to complete weekly. This webinar will provide more information on how the program was developed, the content delivered within the 8 modules and the results from the pilot study of the intervention conducted across three Irish hospitals.


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