7th December November 2022

WFIPP is taking part in Europe’s “The Beating Cancer Plan”. Incontinence is a major issue when it comes to prostate and other cancers. On the 7th December 2022  there will be a first ever roundtable hosted by several MEP’s taking place at the European Parliament in Brussels to address cancer issues including incontinence. One of the main themes will be “Sustainable Continence Care”. Earlier this year, WFIPP organized several workshops and webinars on the topic of Sustainable Continence Care, including one with Tampere University in Finland and another during  the EAU Congress Patient Day last June.

13th February 2023

This year saw the launch during World Continence Week of a dedicated ecosystem on incontinence in collaboration with the ECHAlliance. The incontinence ecosystem was promoted during a webinar. Another webinar will be organized on 13th February 2023, the main theme of which will be ‘Taboo and Stigma’

2nd quarter 2023

In 2023 WFIPP will organize the 2nd International Symposium in Madrid (2nd quarter). This will be a key multistakeholder event to include WFIPP member organizations, HCP’s academia, industry and anyone with an interest in “incontinence/overactive bladder”.

19-23 June 2023

World Continence Week (19-23 of June), designed to raise awareness of continence issues across the globe (including topics such as stigma, taboo, mental health issues)