Location: Madrid, Ministry of National Health
Date: 11th December 2018

Last 11th December 2018, WFIP has been invited to take part as a European stakeholder to the last Societal Impact of Pain Forum. It was held for the first time in Spain and it organized by the Spanish Society of Pain (SED), representing the European Pain Federation (EFIC), the Spanish Society of Health Managers (SEDISA) and Pain Alliance Europe (PAE), with the collaboration of Active Citizen Network (ACN) and Grünenthal, between our corporate partners. This platform seeks to bring together all those professionals involved in decisions relating to pain and the quality of life of patients. Pain affects the quality of life of people and, consequently, of society as a whole. Mª Soledad García Penalta, member of the Board of Directors of PAE, has emphasized the need to “identify and solve deficiencies in the management of chronic pain, as patients they complain about the long waiting period for diagnosis and persistent pain despite treatment, which affects their work capacity and their social-family relationships.

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