SINUG is pleased to announce that the next SINUG Course will be held in Madrid on November 24, 25 and 26, 2022.
Madrid will host the Course that the Society of NeuroUrology and UroGynecology (SINUG) carries out in an alternative year to its biannual Congress in order to analyze, deepen and update a chapter of interest for all professionals who in a transdisciplinary way participate in the care and care of patients who suffer from this problem of Urogynecology and Functional Urology.
On this occasion, the SINUG 2022 Course will be focused on Complex Urinary Incontinence and Fistulae, in all its spectrum of action, development, diagnosis and therapeutic alternatives. We have the concern to know and learn how a problem of such high diversity and complexity must be known in its depth with the interest of knowing how to approach and face it. Every day it is more frequent that patients with this pathological situation appear by the consultations of our specialties requesting definitive solutions. And for this we must be prepared.
From SINUG we want to give adequate and timely training in skills and abilities from the knowledge, evidence and experience of more prepared experts. That is why we are working on the best and most attractive program.
We do not forget that a basic training in Functional Urogynecology is necessary to offer it in each course for the newest and youngest, for those who are starting in this exciting world of the functional of our specialties. We have also thought about them and they will have their spaces.
Madrid is an attractive city to live in and to visit. Madrid is a young city with an immense history.
Open, hospitable, lively, diverse and cosmopolitan make it a wonderful city. In its streets, squares and neighborhoods, a great commercial offer, an immense cultural wealth and an extraordinary gastronomy, are the perfect cocktail for the most demanding visitor.
The sky of Madrid, today more than ever is fashionable. It can almost be played from its multiple, magnificent and coveted rooftops.
Magical places for a skyline, a panoramic view of the city, to enjoy a sunset, a romantic dinner or a relaxing meeting after a day of work.
Madrid awaits SINUG and all of us in November 2022 to work, meet, learn, share, enjoy, to be together and see each other again.
He welcomes us now and thanks us for the decision to be among us.
We love being able to announce it after such a difficult time.
We love to be able to share with everyone the illusion of the next meeting and the satisfaction of being able to celebrate it.
MADRID welcomes us now… and awaits us with great enthusiasm and with great desire.
Your heaven and all its people will be a privileged witness of our next wonderful encounter.