Joint proposal EAU/ICS/WFIPP to the European Commission regarding mental health and incontinence

WFIPP has joined forces with the EAU (Patient Advocacy group EPAG of which WFIPP is a member) and the ICS to highlight the bi-directional relationship between mental health and incontinence. Mental health problems can trigger incontinence, and the difficulties faced by people living with incontinence and their loved ones can lead to stigmatization, stress and isolation that fuels mental health challenges. Therefore, we strongly believe that the link between urological symptoms and mental health conditions needs recognition in any comprehensive mental health strategy at EU level and should be addressed through a cross-cutting theme on co-morbidities, including incontinence. Furthermore, research is urgently needed. We therefore call for translational research on mental health, including its related co-morbidities such as incontinence, to be included as a separate, additional workstream in the strategy. Please see the joined full response (EAU/ICS/WFIPP) in the attachment.

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This is a key document, which illustrates just how patient organization and scientific societies can work together.