Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce ICS 2020 is going online!

We have decided to transform ICS 2020 into a fully online meeting for you to experience at home, while protecting the safety and well-being of all meeting participants. We will provide an outstanding programme of educational exchanges, scientific news and best practice updates. We will incorporate the aspects of ICS you enjoy the most.

For more information about the new ICS 2020 format, please click here.

Along with our work and everyday lives, the COVID-19 pandemic has also challenged our model of face-to-face meetings as authorities have continued to impose travel restrictions and physical distancing. We still believe in the importance of continence research and education. What we ask of you now is for your continued support and the time to make the required changes to our programme. As you know, the ICS is a registered Charity in the UK and the annual meeting is our main form of income, which enables us to achieve our charitable objectives.

Please continue your commitment to the ICS family by joining us online from 19 – 22 November!