7th Global Forum on Incontinence


The 7th Global Forum on Incontinence was held in Rome on 17-18 April 2018. It was organized by Essity in partnership with AGE Platform Europe, Eurocarers and IAPO, with endorsement of a number of international, regional and national organizations with an interest in the topic of incontinence and continence care. It brought together more than 300 patients, carers, policy-makers, payers, health and social care professionals and NGOs from all over the world to hear from a wide range of experts on what good care for toileting and containment strategies looks like and how this can be planned and delivered. The theme of the conference was how to measure outcomes on the delivery of toileting and containment strategies to improve the provision and quality of services for people living with incontinence, so that they can live dignified, independent and active lives, while also creating a win-win for patients, carers and health systems in improving value for money in health and care. WFIP was there to contribute with its experience to make patients’ voice heard in society and by policy-makers