EUnetHTA recently started an assessment on a medical device product for the treatment of men over 18 years of age with bothersome urinary symptoms associated with recurrent anterior urethral stricture. EUnetHTA 21 highly values patient involvement.

What are we looking for?

Patient organisation input

We are seeking patient organisation input via an online questionnaire. This questionnaire aims to gather patients’ perspective on living with the disease, important outcomes to be considered in the assessment and expectations about the technology under assessment. The questions included in our survey are based on the template created by HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement.

The online questionnaire for patient input for anterior urethral stricture is publicly available here and is online until November 14, 2022.

We would like to ask you to provide an organisational perspective, as this contributes to an (ideally European) synthesised view of patients’ perspectives.

Please note, the online version does not allow to save an interim version. In other words, the survey needs to be completed at once. If you wish to receive a PDF version, to help you complete the online questionnaire, please do let us know. Furthermore, we want to highlight that we also ask you to disclose information on your organisation’s funding.

Individual patient experts

In addition to the online questionnaire to be completed by patient organisations, we very much value the opportunity to discuss with individual patient experts.

Would your organisation be able to help identify a patient living with the condition to participate in an interview? We are happy to provide more details. (Please contact Anna Willemsen at [email protected] if you require more details).

Finally, it would also be very much appreciated if you could forward this mail in your network, to reach more organisations who can provide their input.