Urinary tract infections are common among men and women and are caused by bacteria entering into your bladder and urethra. You’re likely familiar with some of the symptoms of UTIs, including a frequent need to pee, painful urination, smelly and cloudy urine, and even pressure, or cramps in your lower abdomen, back, or sides. But what if you’re peeing blood, or see blood when you wipe? Is that a normal symptom of a UTI?

The short answer is yes. Peeing blood (also known as hematuria) during a UTI is totally normal. Read on to learn what causes it, and how you can treat it.

Why am I seeing blood in my urine during a UTI?

While it may seem alarming to see blood in your urine, it’s a normal symptom of a UTI. You can blame the bacteria that’s causing your UTI for this; the bacteria infection causes inflammation to the lining of your urinary tract, which results in a small number of red blood cells making their way into your urine.

This may show up as a pink streak when wiping, or your urine in the toilet may seem red. Both are typically normal symptoms of a UTI and will likely go away once your UTI is treated.

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