Are You Asking The Right Questions About Incontinence Treatment? It’s Not Always About Finding The Best Absorbent Product.

If you’re reading this, you are likely one of the hundreds of millions of people who have incontinence. We understand you may be frustrated, or resigned, or embarrassed with your condition. However, something has to be done, because doing nothing means staying at home, or never sneezing, or never running, or never hiking. Doing nothing isn’t an option, so with time, you learn how to manage your incontinence.. In truth, it is typically incontinence symptoms that get dealt with.
Let’s just address the elephant in the room. Incontinence is BIG business. People will pay to not be embarrassed with leaks, and to be able to get back to some activities. So the questions most people ask and search for are:

  • What are the best incontinence products?
  • What are the best incontinence pads?
  • What are the best incontinence pads for nighttime?
  • What are the best incontinence products for the elderly?
  • What are the best incontinence pads for women?

Let’s be clear. When we say best, we mean “holds the most urine”, “is least expensive”, “provides the most value for your money”, “doesn’t leak,” and “stays secure.” Or perhaps you are like my friend Carrie, in which case “best incontinence products” means “least irritating”, “no dyes”, “no harmful chemicals”, “best cover of smell.”

But here’s something that you may not realize. When you are asking about the “best” incontinence product, you are asking the wrong question!!

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