This edition of the Best-of-EAU23 is a must-read for those who want to stay ahead of the curve in incontinence healthcare. This newsletter contains a roundup of scientific resources such as webcasts and an EAU TV featurette of riveting case deliberations with a medical lawyer, as well as news coverage of incontinence-focused sessions onsite. You can also access eye-opening abstracts on various studies, and other congress content essential to your patient care and clinical practice. Happy reading!

Must-view webcasts

Plenary Session – Incontinence nightmares:
HoLEP for BPH: Incontinence not as rare as expected!
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Plenary Session – Incontinence nightmares:
Salvage prostatectomy: Not as expected!
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Top abstracts on Incontinence

A0693: Similar artefact susceptibility for water- and air-filled urodynamic systems: Results from a randomized controlled non-inferiority trial
Mrs. M.M.E. (Madlen Marie Elisabeth) Kasten (DE)

A0689: Adopting machine vision augmentation to detect detrusor instability in overactive bladder: A frontier of artificial intelligence application in functional urology
Dr. S. (Shauna) Woo (SG)

A0878: European prospective observational study evaluating patient reported outcomes of altis single incision sling in women operated for stress urinary incontinence: Observational results after 3 years
Mr. G. (Gregoire) Capon (FR)

Clear communication resolves incontinence nightmares

The Plenary Session “Incontinence nightmares” featured patient cases with unfavourable outcomes wherein medical lawyer, Mr. Bertie Leigh (GB), cross-examined the cases to bring to light the importance of clear patient communication and realistic patient outcome predictions. Dr. Juan Gómez Rivas (ES) and Dr. Jochen Walz (FR) led the session as Chairs.

Prof. Veronique Phé (FR) presented the first patient case which involved a 66-year-old female patient who was referred to her academic centre due to a refractory overactive bladder in 2022.

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EAUTV: Incontinence at EAU23

In this episode of EAUTV at EAU23, Prof. Eamonn Rogers discusses Incontinence and the role of informed consent in the patient experience with Prof. Veronique Phe and Mr. Bertie Leigh to take a deep-dive into how litigation, consent and medical expertise converge on the topic of Incontinence.

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